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8-15-2013 Members Media 2 Comments

With a few modifications the workout in the video below can be a great way to break up the day spent behind the desk, shed unwanted pounds and lead a healthier work life.
1. Skip the squat jumps Jumping requires a good warm up, we are pressed for time in the office and we want to complete this routine without getting all sweaty.
2. Keep both feet on the ground unless you are really comfortable with using one leg. Don't worry about going low, find a comfortable range and don't ever go past 90 degrees.
3. Keep your feet on the ground If you wear anything other than workout shoes place your feet back against the wall at the bottom where it meets the floor instead of up on the wall. Trust me, doing a plank, or (a downward dog) even without your feet being up on the wall will get things moving.
4. Remember if you have a desk job, the key is simply to do something, even something light, every few hours. Move it to lose it applys to the extra pounds we can easily gain when we spend our day behind a desk.


  • Posted 8/1/2013

    I love Prep and Rest. I have made incredible gains in the months since I have started with Prep and Rest. Can't wait to try Prime. Keep up the great work guys.

  • Commented on 8/1/2013

    I can say without question, Revita Prep was the main reason I took 1st place at the National Masters Track and Field Championships in July. This while I work a 60+ hour desk job and coach youth sports.

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